About Us

Background Information

Many people find it difficult to save for anything in their lives. Most of them either do not understand the importance of saving or actually think it’s a waste of time and money. Insurance firms have tried to convince a few of these people and a given number of them try out a variety of products being offered by these companies then reach a point and just stop contributions all together. Lack of knowledge on how insurance firms operate has led many of the people to think or believe that their money or savings are being “stolen”. This narrative is common with the low income households especially as dully noted during a market analysis.​

Why Us?

Many of the low income households and a given number of the middle class people in our country do not care to have an insurance policy at hand. When a situation arises they prefer to deal with it by asking their family, friends and community at large for a contribution commonly referred to as “mchango” in our local Swahili language.

This lack of correct information has led some of the people in low income households to suffer especially health wise due to the inability of funds or a good medical net when they fall sick or have a medical emergency thus most of them have succumbed to illnesses or continue to live in pain due to lack of resources to get them to a proper medical facility if any at all to seek treatment.

Our Plans

FHASILA CARE LIMITED is a savings platform that allow its members to set aside some cash for their medical expenses. It was founded in the year 2018 and is set to begin coverage in Nairobi before spreading out to the rest of the country Kenya. It seeks to bridge this gap that has been created by the insurance companies and assist the common persons to find a lasting solution to their medical expenses.

What we Do

Fhasila offers a platform to enable its members to save for their medical needs with “small” minimum deposit into their account for as low as KSH 100.00 per month and a maximum of their choosing that shall not be dictated.

The account is required to be serviced with this minimum per month. However, no penalties are incurred if you fail to do so. Instead, each account holder continues to receive monthly or weekly reminders to make contributions for the same.

Membership Benefits

1. Over the counter medical purchases in chemists and pharmacies
2. Medical Coverage for anyone who needs it. (Not limited to immediate family)
3. Access to both in and outpatient medical services.
4. Members savings are not lost at the end of the year.
5. Access to nearest and preferred health facility anytime.
6. Access up to three times of your savings subject to T&C

Strategy planning

Fhasila Care Limited is a very new company in the medical industry but with a high potential to help a lot of people have a safety net for their medical needs. Funds deposited in accounts are to be used for STRICTLY medical purposes and is NOT be used for any other situation that may emerge. The funds will NOT be withdrawn at any given point or returned to the account holder once deposited.

Our vision

To ensure every single person has a medical safety net in times of need.

Our Mission

To continuously deliver affordable medical solutions to the community members thus eradicating sickness that can be avoided with simple treatments.


Customer Management

  • Every customer are be treated as part of a larger Fhasila family member
  • All customers are consistently engaged to continuously grow together and improve on our product to suit their needs
  • All customer needs are  addressed one step at a time to ensure satisfaction is achieved


  • Working towards the vision statement requires a lot of communication, commitment and pulling together.
  • At Fhasila we endeavor to see the members and the company grow together.


  • We seek to not only address medical coverage but also better the communities at large in various ways e.g. through charitable activities and volunteer works.


  • Through openness and honest work, we ensure all our customers and company at large remains loyal to its course.